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Help! How to Handle Common Eye Injuries

Eye injuries come in many shapes and sizes, some more serious than others. Some might require emergency action and immediate care by an eye care practitioner, while others can be treated at home. Follow these guidelines for routine eye injuries, to figure out the next step following an accident. Remember that general safety protections such as wearing safety glasses may be the smartest way to ensure healthy eyes.

An example of an injury that should be regarded seriously is a scratched eye. It can cause serious damage very quickly and possibly result in blindness. Abrasions are often caused by a poke in the eye, or rubbing the eye when there is sand in it. Because a scratch can make your eye susceptible to bacterial infection it's crucial to contact your eye doctor or an emergency room. The best advice for a scratched eye is to cover it loosely and to see your eye doctor immediately to check it out. Touching the eye will only cause greater damage and fully covering the eye can give bacteria a place to grow.

It's especially important to be aware of what to do if you've been sprayed in the eye by a chemical. The first thing to do is place your face under a strong stream of barely warm water for approximately a quarter of an hour. Then call your optometrist or an emergency room to see what they suggest for such injuries. Be certain to tell the practitioner precisely which chemical entered your eye and what you've done. If your eye is extraordinarily red or blurry, go straight to your optometrist or an urgent care clinic after flushing it with water. Exposure to chemicals in the eye can cause a range of injuries, from minimal irritation to severe harm and potentially blindness.

While it is sometimes unpleasant to anticipate a serious eye injury, it's suggested to have a plan for how to react in serious situations. By following these guidelines you can feel confident that you'll know how to deal with most typical eye injuries. Of course, extra safety protections can help prevent this type of injuries from the get go so speak to your optometrist about preventative eye care!