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This month is Sports Eye Safety Month

When the springtime arrives, as well as a greater chance to be involved in outdoor sports, comes a rise in the danger of sports related eye injuries. Each season, many people, both young and old incur sports related eye injuries that could easily be prevented with the right defense and information. Guarding your eyes while participating in sports is important especially in high-impact sports or those that expose you to the sun such as basketball, softball, lacrosse, racquetball, fencing, volleyball, or golf.

Decrease your chances of a sports eye accident by wearing the correct protective eyewear suited to the type of physical activity you're involved in. This will keep you out of harm's way and will also have lenses that block ultra-violet light for outdoor play. Eye wear made specifically for sports is made especially to prepare you for certain incidents. Regular frames and lenses usually aren't adequate for impact resistance, meaning that a small collision can become a serious risk to eyesight.

Sports and eye safety is more than just selecting the right eyewear. Your vision is an essential part of your ability to perform, so you must have strong eyesight. If you ordinarily need eyeglasses, you might need protective sports glasses or goggles that have a prescription, so you can see properly while you play safe. If you wear contact lenses, you might need a different lens than the lenses you use everyday. Speak to your eye care professional about the options available to you.

All sports have differing dangers and demands, so it's important to allow your eye care professional to assess your specific needs and suggest the correct glasses or contact lenses best for your visual skills. This will help you gain the winning edge that'll help you succeed and enjoy sports safety.

Each sport has different demands and dangers, so allow your eye care professional to determine your unique needs and provide the right eyeglasses or contact lenses to maximize your visual skills. This will only help you have the edge that'll help you excel and enjoy sports safety.

Playing sports and exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. However remember never to overlook your eye safety. Making sure you take these additional steps will only let you enjoy longer years of playing sports and good vision.