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Fresh Lenses: Why?

Have you ever left your soft contact lenses in for an extra few days? It goes without saying that things are in in top form when they are fresh. It's helpful to know that the same rule can also help you understand how often you should change your contact lenses. It's a bad idea to keep them in your eyes longer than you've been instructed to. Even though it might seem okay, if you care about your eyes, stick to the lens regime your optician gives you. So, if you've been instructed to wear a new pair daily, change them daily, because they're not made to withstand reuse.

A lot of people think to themselves, is it so bad to get just a couple more days out of them? In order to better understand this, let's talk about protein - not the dietary kind, but the natural protein in your tears that gradually accumulates on the surface of your lenses which forms a mild haze. Blurry eyesight is just the beginning.

Over time, these proteins evolve and confuse your immune system, which begins to think that the formation is something foreign, and the body's reaction can result in itchy, swollen and irritated eyes. And when this occurs, your vision won't be working at its best. Other factors can also attribute to this, like the build up of dust or pollen on the lens But even when people take great care of their contacts, as time passes, they become less clear and smooth, just due to regular deterioration.

So stick to the schedule your optometrist determines for you. Everyone's eyes are different, so only your eye care professional should decide on the best contact lens replacement schedule for you. When you replace your contact lenses on schedule, you'll never detect the difference that becomes so apparent when you wear them for longer than you're supposed to.