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What We’ll Ask You At Your Eye Exam

Is it time for your next eye exam? There are a few things you should tell our eye doctors so that we can make sure your eyes are examined adeptly and thoroughly.

It's crucial to inform us of any present health conditions or problems you may have noticed, because your eyes can be vulnerable to changes in your body. What are the sorts of conditions we'd need to know about? Here are a few examples: pregnancy, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even something which may seem trivial, like allergies.

The more we know about your lifestyle, the better. For example, do you drink or smoke? Additionally, we will look at what you're actually using your eyes for. Does your job take place in a factory, or do you work in an office? Being informed of these details can help us to figure out your treatment plan.

And if you have any eye diseases effecting members of your family, you should inform us, because several of them are hereditary. Being aware of the eye diseases you might be susceptible to will make it much easier for us to keep an eye out for and monitor any warning signs.

Make an appointment if you are aware of anything odd about your sight including double vision, blurriness, flashes of light or spots. With the information we have about your history, coupled with our expertise, we'll discover what's causing the symptom, and figure out the best possible treatment. Don't forget to bring your newest pair of glasses with you to the exam. Glasses give us information about your eyes, even if you're a contact lens wearer. We look forward to tending to your needs, and helping you attain good vision.